Wood-effect stoneware is an excellent alternative to classic parquet and the perfect solution for those looking for a hard-wearing, easy-to-clean floor without foregoing the elegance and warmth of wood.

That’s because as well as being tough, waterproof, and stain-resistant, these tiles also offer all the beauty of natural materials.

The timeless charm of wood, in its different varieties, combined with the practicality of ceramic make this the ideal product to enhance any room in the house, from the bathroom to the kitchen, the living room to the bedroom, and even – why not – outside

Naturalness, warmth, respect for the environment

I legni

Natural, warm, and environmentally kind. The I Legni series features a range of warm woods, for beautiful, cosy rooms that encourage intimacy and opening up. The colour range spans the more classic tones (hazelnut, beige, tobacco ...) to the more modern shades of grey.

Good taste is never out of style


The Spezie collection is inspired by different varieties of wood, offering a mixture of warm, dynamic, and elegant moods. Lightly textured surfaces and subtle shades that lend rooms a natural touch.

The Polis Ceramiche wood-effect collections

Are you looking for an alternative to parquet? Featuring richly detailed texture, grain, and knots, Polis Ceramiche’s wood-effect tiles stand out for the warm, natural feel they bring to every room in the house.

Our offerings include a range of different woods, including: oak-effect porcelain stoneware, parquet effect porcelain stoneware, rustic and modern timber. 

Available in various sizes and in a wide variety of colours, our wood-effect floors are the perfect choice to bring a personal touch to classic, contemporary, or minimalist spaces.

Smartest thing always come from nature


Slowood is spontaneous and instinctive, it is natural, free, and vibrant. The textures of wood sum up perfectly this exceptional balance of flawlessness and beauty. Five varieties of wood to lend spaces warmth and naturalness, creating seamless sensorial continuity between indoors and out.

Just Love coming home


Just love coming home. The simple pleasure of coming home is the idea that inspired the Vogue collection. Warm shades and carefully balanced grains and knots, for a stoneware floor that combines naturalness and character.