Wallpaper-effect tiles

Are you looking for a unique and innovative solution to regenerate your rooms? Wallpaper-effect tiles could be the perfect solution!

Today, wallpaper is a real design trend and is gaining in popularity due to its ability to create a welcoming and personal atmosphere in any room.

Wallpaper-effect tiles offer a striking alternative to traditional wallpaper. With a wide range of patterns, colours and styles to choose from, these tiles allow you to customise spaces in a unique way, creating focal points and adding a touch of originality and creativity to any room.

Into the creative flow


Freshness, harmony, balance: Parati. Poetry for the eyes, colour and decoration are a way of conveying brand-new sensations, of creating universes that exude all your creativity and personality.
Shape new vibes of joy


Journey is a voyage of discovery through light, colour, and creativity. Colourful surfaces with a glossy and matt finish open the door to endless pairings and possibilities for use. Contrasting light and shadow teamed with strong colours take designs to a new dimension, to a place of discovery and wonder.

Design Globetrotter

Civico 38

Channelling an aesthetic that has become iconic in design and architecture, Civico38 makes concrete a valid option for the creation of residential and business environments with a versatile, contemporary feel.

Wallpaper-effect porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware is undoubtedly the most widely used material for creating wallpaper-effect wall coverings. This material offers numerous advantages, including strength, durability and ease of maintenance.

Wallpaper-effect stoneware is available in a wide range of designs, ranging from floral motifs and jungle patterns to more modern and bold geometric patterns.

Bathrooms are amongst the most suitable environments for the use of these tiles: the wallpaper effect can completely transform the look of your bathroom, creating a relaxing and refined atmosphere. And that’s not all: stoneware tiles are designed to resist damp and are easy to clean, making this choice even more convenient.
The use of wallpaper-effect stoneware is, of course, not only limited to bathrooms: it is ideal for other rooms, such as kitchens, bedrooms or living rooms, to create a sophisticated and contemporary atmosphere.

Metal new attitude

It's different

Featuring calibrated reflections of light and tonal differences that are never excessive, It’s Different reinvents the strong and highly individual aesthetic of aged metal surfaces, shaped by time, with a contemporary twist.

Capable of enhancing and adapting to every style need, from the most industrial to the most traditional designs, this line is particularly outstanding when paired with classic materials, such as wood or marble.
It's different | Polis Ceramiche
What's next?


Inspired by Portuguese tradition, this collection takes historical design and adds a contemporary twist.
A careful mix of patterns, available in different colour options, make Azulejos perfect for walls and floors, even in pairings with different materials.