Thanks to the limitless combinations of patterns, glossy and matt finishes, and textured surfaces, tiling becomes an interior design feature that can really make a difference

Unlike paint, wall tiles can add texture to the walls and style to your rooms. Whether you choose white-body, double-fired, or porcelain stoneware, the versatility of ceramic tiles makes them ideal in any setting: the secret is to choose the right shades and finishes for the size of the room and the feel you want to achieve.

Wall tiles for kitchens, bathrooms, and showers

Wallpaper-effect wall tiles with floral decorations inspired by nature; stone-effect wall tiles are one of the most popular choices, appreciated for their stylish textured finish; fabric-effect wall tiles combine ceramics with madras, linen, tartan, and cotton motifs, in a stylish, harmonious pairing with the world of fashion. And then there are the cement tiles and azulejos, all kinds of mosaics, and tiles with 3D decorative effects: Polis Ceramiche’s offerings for the walls of your home are truly endless.

Our range of wall tiles include white-body, double-fired, and porcelain stoneware options.


Space comes to life


Entrancing textures, dynamic motifs, and a balanced colour palette all work together to create a sublime equilibrium. The strength and subtlety of the sedimentary stone recreated, available in four decidedly contemporary shades. All this is Sirius: a neutral background tile available in multiple sizes for floors and walls indoors and out. A unique versatility of style that is perfect for the home of your dreams..

Design Globetrotter

Civico 38

Channelling an aesthetic that has become iconic in design and architecture, Civico38 makes concrete a valid option for the creation of residential and business environments with a versatile, contemporary feel.