Stone-effect porcelain stoneware

Inspired by the Earth and its natural stone materials, stone-effect porcelain stoneware blends matter and nature, providing a material suited to all kinds of architecture and lending your floors and walls an authentic, sophisticated look!

The stone-effect stoneware is the number one product if you are looking to give a room a more tactile feel and its infinite shades imitate the creativity of nature to perfection, for truly outstanding designs. Thanks to the neutral tones and advanced technical performance of the material, our stone-effect tiles can be used in the most disparate settings, ranging from businesses to homes.

A stone-effect porcelain stoneware floor can be used to tile your bathroom, your living area, or your bedroom, ensuring the right mix of comfort and authenticity.

Designed by nature


With its culturally rich background, the passing of time appears to have stopped at just the right time in this line, at the height of its beauty. A stone featuring directional veining and subtle, sophisticated tonal differences, inspired by Nordic quartzite and available in an essential but complete colour range; enriched by a 2 cm-thick option, to ensure seamless laying continuity between interiors and exteriors and open up the design possibilities.

Free spirit in a classy mood


A complete, stylish collection, brimming with d├ęcor ideas and options made possible by the wide range of sizes, accents, and colours. Volcano is a textured stone line that is creative and quirky, but also polished and sophisticated.

The Polis Ceramiche stone-effect collections

Attention to detail and more than a nod to nature, these make up the essence of the Polis Ceramiche stone-effect porcelain stoneware collections.

Featuring pale tones and textured surfaces, unlike natural stones, the porcelain stoneware version guarantee perfect, lasting looks. Easy to clean and resistant to blows and abrasions, they are the perfect solution for floors and walls, indoors and out.

Elegance, class, poetry


Elegance, flair, and poetics are the underlying inspiration for the Moonwalk collection. A name that evokes the unearthly sensation of being able to touch the surfaces of far-off places, and bathe in dreamlike atmospheres. The colour range of this stone-effect porcelain stoneware includes neutral shades, combined with subtle, fine textures.

The unexpected side of stones

It Rocks

It Rocks: when stone shifts away from classic style to create youthful, cool atmospheres, made sophisticated by the natural elegance it maintains. Creating an easy, ironic, and stylish mood, It Rocks is the unexpected face of stone.