Plain coloured tiles

Are you looking for a design solution to bring vibrancy and colour to your home? Plain coloured tiles might be just the thing for you. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, these tiles offer endless possibilities to turn any room into a vibrant, welcoming environment!

Very often, the bathroom is one of the most forgotten rooms when it comes to home design, and choosing coloured bathroom tiles can make it unique.

The options really are endless: pastel-toned tiles help create a relaxing mood, while brighter shades are ideal for anyone looking for a bold, modern look. Not only that, you could also use these tiles to create an eye-catching accent wall!
The kitchen is another great ideal place to experiment with colour. Using coloured tiles in the kitchen can turn a functional space into a fun and inspiring area. You can opt for tiles in bright colours, which inspire culinary creativity, or choose more subtle shades for a refined, stylish setting.

Homely waves


Bold colours awaken the senses, while neutral colours reassure, offering a warm and comforting embrace.
Panorama celebrates age-old artisan traditions, taking inspiration from Mediterranean decorative influences to conjure up the sea, sky, and earth.
Shape new vibes of joy


Journey is a voyage of discovery through light, colour, and creativity. Colourful surfaces with a glossy and matt finish open the door to endless airings and possibilities for use. Contrasting light and shadow teamed with strong colours take designs to a new dimension, to a place of discovery and wonder.
Design Globetrotter

Civico 38

Channelling an aesthetic that has become iconic in design and architecture, Civico38 makes concrete a valid option for the creation of residential and business environments with a versatile, contemporary feel.

Plain coloured ceramic and porcelain stoneware tiles

Polis Ceramiche offers coloured ceramic tiles and coloured porcelain stoneware tiles. The stoneware option is renowned for its strength and durability, and is ideal for use on walls. Both materials offer a vast assortment of high-quality plain coloured tiles to meet your design needs.

Into the creative flow


Freshness, harmony, balance: Parati. Poetry for the eyes, colour and decoration are a way of conveying brand-new sensations, of creating universes that exude all your creativity and personality.
Maiolica dai toni gialli e blu


Designed for lovers of colour in all its forms, in the Levante collection every shade and pairing is intended to reveal unexpected beauty.

Bathe your home new light!

plain coloured tiles