5 design trends of 2022

Which will be the ‘must have’ for floors and walls for in homes in 2022? We have chosen for you five design trends that will make you want to renovate all your surroundings.

1. Walls in colour and floral patterns

One of the design trends of 2022 will be to select which of those walls in the house to give a touch of different colour, suggesting natural ideas inspired by forest, woodland and flowers. From the living room to the bathroom.

2. Mosaic walls in bathrooms

Mosaic surfaces are enjoying real success, especially those with geometric designs. In this way you can give your bathroom an innovative and less minimal look.

3. Evergreen porcelain stoneware

The ease of maintenance and the enormous possibilities for customising a porcelain stoneware floor make it an ever contemporary material. Much in vogue will be concrete effects, and metallic colours characterized by coppery reflections.

5. Inside and out

Tiles can now be laid with ease in all areas of the home, from the living room to the bathroom, from the kitchen to the terrace, perfectly embodying the trend for continuity between internal and external floors, creating a unique and functional space, free from aesthetic barriers.

4. Natural Shades

The natural shades of wood, from the most classic such as walnut, to the most modern like bleached oak, will be among the most sought-after trends this year to bring warm, vital and elegant atmospheres into the home.

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