The Ecolabel certification is the European environmental quality mark assigned to the best products in the field of environmental protection: it is a certificate of environmental and performance excellence. The rigorous criteria which must be met in order to obtain the label originate from scientific studies examining the product's environmental footprint throughout its entire life cycle.

OHSAS 18001

This certificate attests to compliance with an international standard concerning workers' health and safety management.


UPEC, a classification for the use of flooring products, is a functional system that certifies whether a certain flooring product is suitable for use in a certain setting for a reasonable, sufficient duration. More specifically, it consists of the following four assessment criteria:
  • Resistance to wear caused by foot traffic (U)
  • Puncture resistance (P)
  • Resistance to water and humidity (E)
  • Resistance to chemicals (C)
These criteria correspond to requirement levels for various settings and performance levels for flooring.


The China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) is a safety mark which is compulsory for many products sold on the Chinese market. The certification requirement is valid both for products imported from abroad and for those manufactured on Chinese soil. The products for which certification is required can only be imported, sold and/or used in commercial businesses in China, once they bear the CCC mark.


The CE mark is the passport for products marketed within the EU market.

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