Premio Impresa Ambiente award

This award is given to the Italian businesses that excel in environmental areas and are nominated, as a result, for the European Business Awards for the Environment, which was established by the Directorate General for the Environment of the European Commission in 1987 to promote organisations that contribute to sustainable development.

EcoHiTech award

This award is important recognition for the considerable environmental compatibility results achieved by our Tecnologia Relux, which are now also acknowledged in fields such as electronics, electrotechnics, IT, and ICT. In November 2008, Polis received the coveted Ecohitech award in the "Electrical and electrotechnical products (hi-tech)" category.

Corporate Social Responsibility

On 16 February 2009, as part of the 3rd Corporate Social Responsibility award bestowed by Modena provincial council, Polis Ceramiche was awarded 1st prize in the " Product Innovation and Social and Environmental Significance" section for its "Tecnologia Relux" project.

Tecnologia Relux

In December 2007, Polis received a special mention in the best product category for its outstanding efforts in promoting sustainable development, environmental consciousness, and social responsibility.

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