Majolica-effect porcelain stoneware

A centuries-old ceramic tradition recreated with a contemporary twist, this is the distinctive feature of our majolica-effect porcelain stoneware offerings. Ideal for fresh and exciting interiors, this line brings colour to spaces with a bold, creative mix that adds energy and character to the whole home.

Perfect for outlining an island in the kitchen or creating colour contrasts in the living area, majolica-effect tiles lend themselves to original pairings with tiles with different effects, such as wood, concrete, stone, or can be teamed with other materials.

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Inspired by Portuguese tradition, this collection takes historical design and adds a contemporary twist. A careful mix of patterns, available in different colour options, make Azulejos perfect for walls and floors, even in pairings with different materials.

Majolica in yellow and blue tones


Designed for lovers of colour in all its forms, in the Levante collection every shade and pairing is intended to reveal unexpected beauty. Bathe your home new light!

The Polis Ceramiche majolica-effect collections

In Polis Ceramiche porcelain stoneware tiles, every shade and every pairing is designed to bring out unexpected aspects of a design and give new light to the rooms of a home, a business, or a restaurant.

Tactile surfaces in the classic square shape, they offer endless creative opportunities by bringing together multiple contrasting colours.

Amalfi's majolica


A terracotta-effect porcelain stoneware that celebrates the finest Italian tradition from a modern perspective. Perfect for those looking for easy-to-clean stoneware floors with timeless beauty. Beauty that stands the test of time without the problems usually experienced with terracotta, available in a warm harmony of colours, sizes, and shades.