CLEANING AFTER INSTALLATION We would like to remind you that all products of POLIS SPA go subject to the stain-resistance tests of the EN 14411 standard. After installation, any dust and, in particular, residues of adhesive must be removed as rapidly as possible. For this operation, do not use paste, sponges or abrasives detergents and substances. After using acid or basic solutions (see the instructions on the pack for information about dilution and test the detergent on a small, hidden portion of surface before using it), if this is strictly necessary, rinse with care until rinsing water is clean, and then dry. This operation must be performed with special care so as to maintain the beauty and properties of the material and facilitate routine cleaning during normal use of the product. After these preliminary operations, clean your floor with care, especially if the tiles are glossy and/or lapped. In the latter case, never use acid-based detergents for cleaning.