Kitchen floors and walls

How do you imagine
your kitchen?

Classic and cosy or modern and minimal? In industrial style or pretty with a vintage touch? Polis Ceramiche offers porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles for kitchens and white-body or double-fired wall tiles, with effects, sizes, and colours for everybody’s style. 

Space comes to life


Entrancing textures, dynamic motifs, and a balanced colour palette all work together to create a sublime equilibrium.
The strength and subtlety of the sedimentary stone recreated, available in four decidedly contemporary shades. All this is Sirius: a neutral background tile available in multiple sizes for floors and walls indoors and out.
A unique versatility of style that is perfect for the home of your dreams.

Design Globetrotter

Civico 38

Channelling an aesthetic that has become iconic in design and architecture, Civico38 makes concrete a valid option for the creation of residential and business environments with a versatile, contemporary feel.

What's next?


Inspired by Portuguese tradition, this collection takes historical design and adds a contemporary twist.
A careful mix of patterns, available in different colour options, make Azulejos perfect for walls and floors, even in pairings with different materials.


The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in a home, a place where people tend to spend more time,  and the choice of floor and wall tiles is usually the longest and hardest: not only should these tiles reflect the styles and tastes of all those who live there, they also have to be functional.
Whether the kitchen is a separate room or part of an open-plan living area, the floors and walls must be able to withstand blows, as well as being  stain- and chemical-resistant and easy to clean

Thanks to the technical features of porcelain stoneware, these tiles are without doubt the product that offers the best performance not only on floors and walls  but also to create kitchen worktops and backsplashes.

A touch of colour


In the Charleston collection the contrasts are subtle. This brick-effect white-body wall tile line brings a touch of colour to the classic black-white and grey-beige contrasts.
The way has been opened, then, to colours like burgundy, navy and light blue, yellow, green, and powder pink, making for a sparkling and varied colour palette.
Perfect in the kitchen, either covering an entire wall or as a backsplash, or for a stylish nook rich in vintage charm.

The smartest things always come from nature


Slowood is spontaneous and instinctive, it is natural, free, and vibrant.
The textures of wood sum up perfectly this exceptional balance of flawlessness and beauty.
Five varieties of wood to lend spaces warmth and naturalness, creating seamless sensorial continuity between indoors and out.

Good taste is never out of style


The Spezie collection is inspired by different varieties of wood, offering a mixture of warm, dynamic, and elegant moods.
Lightly textured surfaces and subtle shades that lend rooms a natural touch.

for your kitchen