Polis Ceramichefor business environments

The great variety of styles, colours, and sizes offered make Polis Ceramiche porcelain stoneware tiles the perfect solution for any architect or interior designer involved in retail, hotel, and restaurant projects.

Endless combinations for floors and walls, wallpaper-effect decorations to brighten up rooms, an extensive colour palette and variegated textures to create the perfect backdrop for life.

Metal new attitude​

It’s different

Featuring calibrated reflections of light and tonal differences that are never excessive, It's Different reinvents the strong and highly individual aesthetic of aged metal surfaces, shaped by time, with a contemporary twist. Capable of enhancing and adapting to every style need, from the most industrial to the most traditional designs, this line is particularly outstanding when paired with classic materials, such as wood or marble.

Design Globetrotter


Lineae takes its inspiration from nature's purest, most unadulterated material: marble, recreating the most exclusive varieties to lend rooms elegance and finesse. The collection is enriched with contemporary geometric accents which, when combined with the three colours in the range, make it simply unique.

Keep the vibe on surface


The Tex collection is a vibrant soul wrapped in exclusive design.
Contemporary in flavour, it offers a concrete look teamed with textures inspired by natural fabrics.
In addition to the classic sizes, available in shades of grey and beige, the collection also offers new geometry-themed motifs, such as diamonds and hexagons, for eye-catching accents.


In the design of retail spaces, offices, restaurants, showrooms or shopping centres, floor and wall tiles play a vital role in the designer’s vision: the choice of a specific size or a particular accent are key characteristics in the setting and the concept of an environment, becoming features of its identity.

Style on stage

Like Me

With Like Me, the rigor of stone offers new opportunities for creativity. Offering an immediate, informal sense of luxury, it features various colour options with high-gloss veining. A collection with a multifaceted soul, for use both indoors and out in contemporary architectural projects. A natural look, with a stylish, eye-catching style; unique, sophisticated... like you!

Eleganza, classe, poesia


Elegance, flair, and poetics are the underlying inspiration for the Moonwalk collection. A name that evokes the unearthly sensation of being able to touch the surfaces of far-off places, and bathe in dreamlike atmospheres. The colour range of this stone-effect porcelain stoneware includes neutral shades, combined with subtle, fine textures.

Free spirit in a classy mood


A complete, stylish collection, brimming with décor ideas and options made possible by the wide range of sizes, accents, and colours. Volcano is a textured stone line that is creative and quirky, but also polished and sophisticated.

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