Concrete-effect porcelain stoneware

Do you want to infuse your home with contemporary style and an industrial feel?

Our matt-finish concrete-effect stoneware tiles are the perfect choice for a minimalist setting and a truly industrial chic result!

Tough, stain-resistant, and easy to clean, concrete-effect porcelain stoneware tiles are ideal for both floors and paving, as well as for walls, and offer a balanced crossover of styles for a totally on-trend finish. 
Thanks to its versatility, this material allows users to unleash their imagination and create extraordinary pairings, making it perfect for high visual impact projects with an inimitable style.

Design Globetrotter

Civico 38

Channelling an aesthetic that has become iconic in design and architecture, Civico38 makes concrete a valid option for the creation of residential and business environments with a versatile, contemporary feel.
Wherever style belongs

Stile Urbano

Stile Urbano is an eclectic line offering a perfect balance of design and sophisticated simplicity. With a relaxing colour palette featuring neutral and natural tones, the wide range of sizes and options make this collection well worth exploring; offering a journey through various styles, it spans Mediterranean to Nordic, industrial-chic crossovers, and minimalist elegance.

The Polis Ceramiche concrete-effect collections

The pureness of grey and beige, offered in a range of shades, are the heart and soul of Polis Ceramiche’s concrete-effect porcelain stoneware collections.
Modern elegance and contemporary design make concrete-effect tiles the perfect backdrop for on-trend spaces.

Available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes, our offerings for concrete-effect floors and walls lend themselves to daring combinations, creating infinite exciting uses of colour and patterns.

Minimalist space

Route 66

For minimalist spaces with a contemporary feel, the concrete effect of the Route 66 series lends interiors and exteriors a modern total look and seamless continuity of style between the different rooms in your home.

Strictly eclectic


Strictly eclectic. New York, the paramount multifaceted, bustling, worldly metropolis. These traits are what inspired the creation of N.Y.C. The series provides a stylish combination of the essentiality of intense neutral tones and pure white with the vibrant irony of urban motifs such as concrete and graffiti art.